Sunday, July 25, 2004

Clara & Travel

Just above this post is Clara, my friend Renee's adorable child! She's a busy bee and VERY animated and determined. I had a great time with her in Atlanta. I told Renee that I thought I was like Clara when I was her age (climbing, getting into stuff), and she said, "Uh-oh." Yipes! It won't be so very horrible if she grows up with my energy. I mean, I have a good time!

I'm headed to Nashville in the morning to help my friend Aaron move into his new apartment, and I've done NADA with my dissertation. I swear I'm just completely burned out. It isn't the end of the world, and I'm trying not to panic. I've just really worn myself out.

I'm gonna be like one of those famous people who has to go to the hospital for "exhaustion" (like anyone in the real world ever has to go to the frikkin' hospital for exhaustion)! Anyway, I'm the energizer bunny. I can do it. I just know I can.

I'm not sure what my computer access will be there, but I'm sure I'll post a little. I mean, I'm a person with a lot to say! I just hate leaving "the girls" (as in Jeep and Maggie, my cats), but the catsitter is good, so they should be OK. Just a few days without their usual high-level spoiling. Damn, I love these cats! They are just the best.

Be well, and never forget the fifth rule of this blog.