Friday, July 23, 2004

Nicknames and Titles

You may be wondering about the nicknames I'm using for myself. I was
given the nickname "Lady Cutie Troublemaker of the Midwestern Lands"
ages ago on, the social networking web site on which I
am extremely active. It seems to have stuck, and people who know me
well generally say that it is an ideal nickname for me. I'm moving
away soon, so I'm dropping the Midwestern Lands part. Plus, it's such
a mouthful that way!

"Proactive Busybody" was a term given to me by my ex-husband,
Hamilton. It isn't an insult at all. At the time he said it, he was
smiling. I'm actually quite happy with the description because it's so
very accurate! I think maybe he and I were talking about planning a
trip or something, and I was probably saying how much I liked doing
stuff like that, and he probably said that it was OK with him that I
planned it, because I was such a "proactive busybody." :D

Sometimes I use "Sparky" as a nickname. This was given to me by
Hamilton as well, but he got the idea from an e-mail I received from a
professor. I had sent an inquiry to this professor some time after he
had left this university. In his response, he said that he remembered
me well, and that I had always added a spark to his class.

Now you know!