Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Notes about the Sofa Photo Series

There is a large gap between pictures two and three in the sofa series below. Thing is, I was a bit busy during that time and was unable to take pictures. The plan was that Chris was going to lift the sofa straight up vertically, then put it on his head and walk it up the ladder. Aaron would meanwhile be pulling the sofa up from the roof. Since neither Chris nor Aaron are superheroes, they needed a little help.

Chris did lift that sofa up vertically, but he needed someone to guide it past the place where the two parts of the ladder meet... In other words, there was a little bump to get past. Chris's wife and I each got on either side, and while he lifted vertically, we each guided the sofa (which was basically flailing in the air) past the bump. Once it was past that, I reached down and lifted the sofa up as well while Chris's wife held the ladder stable.

I couldn't believe that Chris actually walked up the ladder with that sofa on his head, even if Aaron was pulling from the top! Once the sofa was on Chris's head, I took off! I raced through the backyard, out the gate, up the stairs, on to the porch, then up Aaron's stairs, out the kitchen to the roof where the sofa was just arriving. Aaron had managed to pull it up, but there was still the matter of getting it over the edge of the roof. While Aaron continuted to pull and Chris continued to push, I lifted the sofa out over the edge, so it wasn't scraping along the roof anymore. I got it far enough past that Chris was able to climb up on to the roof.

All that between pictures two and three!