Friday, July 23, 2004

Packing, Writing, Jeepers

Jeep standing on my chest at 7am meeping because I forgot to fill the auto-feeder is kind of cute, and kind of not. Leaving town to pack completely got me off of my dissertation schedule, so now I have to drag my raggedy ass back to the library when I just don't want to go! My life is about packing and writing, writing and packing. The dissertation topic is old, old, OLD, and yet I have to persist. I'm so close to being finished!

I packed about 5 more boxes last night, and yesterday, I gave two more big bags of clothes and stuff to the Salvation Army, two bags of books to the library (I feel like I'm there donating every damn day now), and a really nice duvet to my friends Steve and Kathleen. I'm overwhelmed with all of the things being shipped to Memphis from my parents' house. Even though I was judicious in my choices of what to take, it still feels like a lot to fit into 733 square feet.

This isn't a fun blog today, is it? Well, I guess it was bound to happen some time. I'm off to take my allergy medication, feed these little stinkers (they're watching "Kitty TV" right now... birds on the deck), and to feed this big stinker some lovely muesli I made the other day. Then, the dragging of the raggedy ass will ensue.

Oh, when I say "stinker," it is a good thing.