Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Sofas on Rooftops

So I'm here in Nashville helping my friend Aaron move. Yesterday we emptied a massive Penske truck. He'd hired two guys to help with the move. This very competent mover was determined to get Aaron's off-white, suede(ish), MASSIVE sofa inside. We tried everything. It had to go around a tight corner and up a set of stairs at the same time. We removed the fronts of several steps, we took the door off of its frame, we took down the thermostat, and we dug a little hole in the wall, and even with two professional movers, Aaron and I, it was a total failure! This mover seemed upset. He said that although he had been a mover for many years, this was his hardest item/house combo yet. He seemed truly disappointed in himself! (Oh, and incidentally, the mover also said I was way more helpful than most men he knew. I can carry a lot, and I'm really good at assembly! He said if I was in Nashville and wanted a job, I should look him up!)

A little while later, the downstairs neighbor and owner of the house showed up, SURE he could hoist it up over the roof, so just now, WE DID IT! The guy downstairs and I pushed the ladder up on to the ladder, Aaron pulled from the top of a VERY high roof. Once the sofa was high enough, the neighbor put it ON HIS HEAD and walked up the ladder, as I raced upstairs and helped Aaron to pull it the rest of the way up. We then had to all get it over to the door in the kitchen, take THAT door off of the hinges. it is finally sitting in the living room.

I am SO glad that my massive crappy sofa isn't coming with me on my move. Instead, I'm' getting a moderately-sized, FAR more stylish sofa from my parents' house. The timing has been great.

Oh, and those of you who know me well may be wondering if I took pictures. You bet your ass I did. I'm like the postman. I take pictures constantly whether rain or sleet or snow, or sofas on rooftops! I'll post a few just as soon as I get home.

One more thing. My view counter seems to have started over. It was about 270 last I checked. I hate that! I was really enjoying watching it go up. Silly technology. :(