Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Assembly Sucks!

Moving in is draining me of all money and energy! I spend 2 hours this afternoon assembling an "entertainment stand" I bought at Target. You pay $50 and you get to spend a very frustrating two hours trying to decipher their overly simplistic instructions. Just lifting the thing was exhausting. When I picked it up in the store and tried to put it in my cart, I ended up whacking myself in the ear. Getting it upstairs was a total effort. Apparently, it's a "team lift" item, meaning you aren't supposed to pick it up yourself. They have guys with wheely carts that do it for you, only I didn't notice this until I was at home trying to assemble it. It was a last ditch solution to a very specific problem: I had no furniture that was deep enough for my stereo. Now, I have a solution, so I guess that's good. I just want to stop coming across tasks like this. Mounting the bathroom cabinet using molly bolts is honestly one of the hardest things I've ever done. The hardware and mounting accessories sold in stores now are not conducive to working on pre-1920 buildings. I usually love assembly and pride myself on my skill in this area, but right now, I'm just SICK of it! Hell, I'd rather be working on my dissertation!

On a side note, I just wanted everyone to know that me having a lot to say comes from somewhere. Check out mom's comment activity as of late!