Saturday, August 14, 2004

Bloomington Moving or Why I'm So Damn Tired!

The little photo-essay below shows my morning. I spent the first part of the morning helping Jessica move, then the latter part helping Poornima and Nanu move across the street.

It's moving time in Bloomington. U-Haul, Budget, and Penske trucks are on every street. Discarded ugly furniture litters the sidewalks. Parents of students are everywhere. Target has restocked its shelves to reflect the incoming population of this town. Whole kitchen kits and milk crates are featured. Moving is all I see and all I do!

And then there is the great parental move. The estate sale is over, and large amounts of stuff remains, but time is limited, so there is a great shuffle to get it all out of the house. My mother said yesterday that she certainly won't remember this as the happiest time of her life. She isn't miserable or anything, but it's taking a lot out of her to deal with this stuff. Stuff is hard for her. I get that. It's hard for me, too. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail from my Dad about their move and their timetable:
  • Yesterday, I brought the Jasper stuff here
  • Today, she's in Atlanta packing the stuff we sell on eBay
  • Tomorrow, I join her and we box up the Set Up Atlanta stuff. That's a place that distributes donated stuff to homeless people who have been able to find housing, but don't have anything to put in it.
  • Monday:
    8:30-10:00 Movers get the Memphis stuff
    10:30-2:00 Set Up Atlanta people come
    2:00+ 1-800-GOT-JUNK people come and take away everything else - the real junk
  • Tuesday: The cleanup crew comes
  • Wednesday: House closes!
She's happy all our flotsam and Jetsom gets put to good use by people who not only need it, but even want it. I'm happy about that too, now that I don't have to get hospitalized trying to make it happen. I'm also happy she's happy.
He didn't even mention that they will spend Saturday driving 7 hours to Memphis to help me move into my new place! There is so much more to say, but frankly, I'm exhausted. One amusing perk of all this moving is that I'm getting very well-developed muscles in my arms! I can lift a surprising amount these days. It's fun to feel so strong.