Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Festivals, Fittings, Food

There’s a festival happening down the street from me on September 18th. Here’s the description I found online:

One of Memphis' most celebrated events, the Cooper Young Festival, located in Memphis' largest historic district, is a free festival that offers a wide array of artists' booths to browse as well as music and family fun.

Yay! I’m hoping I can talk some friends from afar to come see my new digs and to go with me to this festival. I’ll be there either way, no doubt chatting mercilessly to poor unsuspecting booth vendors.

I’m still exhausted, although I slept for 11 glorious hours last night. I’m a little more moved in, and I think I’ve made my last trip to Home Depot for the time being. I’m getting sick of that place. REALLY sick of that place. While this apartment has many lovely quirks, it also has its drawbacks: a downstairs neighbor with no understanding of the appropriate volume for a stereo, German Shepherds that bark whenever anyone parks their car in the back, a back door with only plate glass keeping out intruders, and bats… LOTS of bats that live in the chimneys on both buildings… although I think that’s kind of cool.

Oh, GREAT discovery today, thanks to my Uncle Mike. There’s this place near my house called Easy Way that sells fresh produce and not much else. I adore Southern food, and now I know where to get my collards, my country ham, my okra, and many kinds of yummy relish. Oh BOY, I love this place.