Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Gleeful Social Butterfly

I'’m so very excited. In my new apartment building, I'’m actually allowed to paint. This is the first time I'’ve ever been allowed to paint, which is pretty sad given I'’m 34 years old, but that'’s the grad student life for ya. I have now purchased all paint supplies, so that when we arrive the first day, we can get right to it! I was hoping Sherwin-Williams would have their paint chips online, but they don'’t, so I tried to approximate the colors I chose using Glidden'’s Color Selector (which is actually TONS of fun if you'’re bored).

The color on the left is the color I'’ve chosen for the sun room. I’'m hoping it will be tranquil with much light, although I really have no idea, since I haven'’t actually laid eyes on my apartment yet. I wanted a color that looked like the color of plants in springtime. The name of the Sherwin-Williams color is “Gleeful,” which is a really fun name.

The color on the right is for the living room. I will have a lot of my parents’ antiques in there. I could have chosen something really traditional, but I wanted something bright and fun. The idea I went in with was the I wanted something that approximated the color Turmeric added to food.

I have a nice middle-value, dusty coral picked out for the bedroom, but I have no idea of the dimensions of that just yet. I't’s supposed to be the color of my lips... well, my lips when they aren’t chapped, pale from cold, etc! Half the time, my lips seem to be the same color as my face! The idea I have in there is that I want it to look like wildflowers colorwise, but actually that could be almost any color!

I just want things to be very much a color. I’m so sick of off-white walls, I could die!


The packing update: I have the U-Haul out in the parking lot now. Almost everything is packed, and there are lots of people coming to help pack it in the morning, so it should go quickly. We went to Scott & Michelle’'s this morning to help pack after a raucous time at Poornima and Nanu'’s last night, only to find that the entire truck had already been packed by their landlord'’s maintenance guys. SHUWEET! So we sat down and ate the bagels we’d picked up, drank our coffee, socialized a little, then took off. That was a great bit of luck! It isn't that often that you get to appear helpful with no actual work!