Monday, August 02, 2004

Gomez, Birdy's Last Night

Saw Gomez again last night. I can't remember if this is the third or fourth time I've seen them. I'll have to check my ticket stub folder to be sure. Gomez kicked ass, as per usual. After an adequate but fairly dull opening act (The Thrills), the announcer said that Gomez could not make it and that the Gomez cover band, Harpoon, would be playing instead. This was, of course, a silly lie for shits and giggles.

I was a nerd and copied down the play list. Here’s what it said:
  • Nothing (Nothing is Wrong)
  • Trombone (Love is Better Than a Warm Trombone)
  • Do One (Do One)
  • Catch (Catch Me Up)
  • Free (Free to Run)
  • Ping (Ping One Down)
  • Gun (In Our Gun)
  • Breeze (Here Comes the Breeze)
  • 5/Yellow (I think this is a Super Furry Animals cover, only because this lady next to me said so.)
  • There (There It Was)
  • Fill (Fill My Cup)
  • Last (I think this is a Monkees cover, but I’m sick of trying to find out which one!)
  • B.Y.L.B.H. (Bring Your Lovin’ Back Here)
  • Silence (Silence)
  • Arrested (Get Myself Arrested)
  • Donkey (I always see this on their play list and always immediately forget what song it was they played. I know I know it, probably every word. I’m too tired to get to the bottom of this right now!)
  • Piccadilly (Whippin’ Piccadilly)
I put a sign next to the play list before they came out that said “Play California.” It’s one of my very favorite Gomez songs, and they never play it. So mid-way into the set, I pointed my sign out to Tom. He told me, “You don’t understand. It’s very complicated. And we’re just Harpoon, the Gomez cover band.” Talking to the band when you’re up front may be cool, but hearing “California” would have been way cooler, but that’s just me.

As I said, I’m a bit beat, so no real detailed review. Just wanted to share some pictures and the joy. I heart Gomez! :D