Thursday, August 26, 2004

Here is my very favorite part of my whole apartment so far. The shelves were mostly installed by me, with some help from Dad getting the screw stable in the right side... old plaster is a bitch! Several of my favorite things are in this picture: the Tibetan-themed bowl and pansy canister I painted at The Latest Glaze in Bloomington; the espresso machine I bought in Levanto, Italy in 2000; my kitchenaid Stand Mixer in Glacier Blue; the blue sponged antique pitcher in which I keep all of my large kitchen tools; my knife sharlener; my bright blue electric water kettle; and my VERY groovy mortar and pestle, which I spend an enormous amount of energy tracking down, after watching way too many episodes of the Naked Chef. I'm such a food gadget fiend. Man, I'm going back into my kitchen to gaze! :D