Thursday, August 05, 2004

More on Gomez from the Indy Press

I found an interesting review of the Gomez gig on Sunday. It explains why the Thrills played for such a short period of time, and why the crowd wasn't paying NEARLY enough attention to Gomez. HELLO?!! So you go to a gig, and the band you didn't go to see is fucking AWESOME... What do you do? You STFU and listen! That's what. I hate people who go to gigs to be seen or to seem cool. I'm generally there to listen and watch and participate and to have a great time. I have no time for the losers who hang at the bar, trying to pick up chicks. If you're looking for me, I'll be right up front, rockin' and rollin'!!

The other thing that's funny about this review is the picture of the sound board. For a short time, I was standing on the landing just above this sound board, and I just kept thinking how completey excessive it was, especially for the Thrills' acoustic set.

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