Saturday, August 21, 2004


I'm here! I'm here! I'm frickin' exhausted! The moving party was a complete success. I have amazing friends. More about that in a few days. After the great U-Haul packing, the cleaning took all damn day. I didn't see the people I meant to see that last night. Instead, I got in "bed" (actually the air mattress) at 9pm and was actually up most of the night feeling rather unwell. Details are really not worth sharing.

I made my getaway at 4:30am and arrived here at 2:30pm. Aaron drove the entire way while I tried to soothe the sedated yet stubbornly awake and crabby cats. They didn't enjoy the trip at all. They are doing pretty well now though. Unpacking has begun. There is one green wall and one orange-yellow wall now.

I have to go... the movers from Atlanta are finally here, and my mother has wandered off to find my Dad, who (of course) wandered off. I can't believe the are here! They overshot the distance and ended up in Arkansas.

OK. Gotta go tell them where to put stuff. This is exhausting! But my apartment is AWESOME and quirky! More details when there is time.