Wednesday, August 11, 2004

What is Going On Right Now

I'm in my study, boxes all around me, although the center of the floor is finally cleared out. Jeep and Maggie are going nuts because of a Blue Jay on the deck. Jeep has been a little happier. All the pre-yard sale hubbub and the vet was more than she could bear. I gave her the anti-depressant for one day, a day she spent napping and wobbly-legged. I didn't give it to her again, and she seems fine. It's like she just gets so very wound up that she just needs one day of forced chilling, and she's back to normal.

My Mozilla Firelemur just became Mozilla Firekoala, which was fun. I'm also plotting my next packing challenge, and I'm trying to figure out how long I can go without going back into the attic.

I've been having terrible eye problems lately, and they seem to worsen whenever I enter dusty places like my parents' basement or my pull-down attic. It starts with itchy eye from allergies. Then there's the rubbing of said eyes while I sleep. Then they itch during the day, so I put drops in them, but the drops give me a bit of a skin condition around my eye skin. This is such an Abby-type problem. Oh, to have resilient skin and a resilient constitution. What I wouldn't give! Instead, it's this Princess and the Pea shit every damn time! 

I will now say goodbye using my spiffy Mozilla Superphoenix browser. This is the life!Posted by Hello