Friday, September 10, 2004

The Big Decision

Today I decide from amongst the 20+ sites that have been presented to us over the past week. There are three rotation periods, each lasting about 10 weeks. For each rotation period, I have one major rotation (22-24 hours), one minor rotation (8-12 hours) and then add-ons, which are basically placements that are smaller than minors. Most people do a major, a minor, and one or two add-ons for each rotation period. For the first two rotation periods, the city schools are my major placement, and for the last rotation period, the schools are my minor. I am allowed to do any of the rotations, even though some are very adult-focused and medical (working with veterans with spinal cord injuries, for example).

Today, we all sit down together and decide who goes where for the whole year! I'm going to try and stick to things that are a little less comfy and things that I will use in my career. I am walking in with general ideas, but nothing I must do. I figure the training director will have some opinions about what I should do, and that other people's needs will make it all much clearer. Man! BIG DAY!