Sunday, September 12, 2004


So apparently, Elvis Costello is playing nearby next weekend, but I missed the tickets. Truth is, I've always thought he was kind of boring to listen to, although perhaps he'd be fun as a live gig. He seems like a groovy enough person and all.

My tolerance for live music is much greater than my tolerance for recorded music. For example, I saw John Medeski, Marc Ribot, and John Zorn at the Knitting Factory in NYC with Hamilton, and I loved it live, but when he used to play that kind of music around the house, it agitated me to no end! Made digestion nearly impossible! Turns out Medeski, Martin, and Wood are playing here in November at The New Daisy Theater, which could be good, althought he MMW crowd that went to the Knitting Factory that one time were slightly on the annoying side. What I'm most excited about is the Def Poets tour at The Orpheum in early December. That should be excellent. Oh, and the Cooper-Young Festival is next weekend. I hope I have some energy left for these kinds of things!