Saturday, September 18, 2004

An Excellent Weekend So Far

So far, I've had an excellent weekend. Here's a little photoessay of some highlights...

Abby making a late night snack of pasta with garlic, serrano peppers, and olive oil after seeing A Little Night Music with Aaron at Theatre Memphis. Thanks to Uncle Mike for the free tickets

Cooper-Young Festival had lots of groovy art in several booths. Some was Memphis-themed. I bought a painting of a shoe.

Leslie is the coolest friend to have in a new town. She knows everyone and everything. Next weekend, I'm going to a Habitat for Humanity build with her next weekend. I can't wait!

Susan, Leslie, and Kurt head off to find some grub! Wait up, guys!

I've been to Glass Onion twice now. A very cool space indeed. Check out the stained glass above the door. We hydrated ourselves here. We needed it! It was really hot outside.

Leslie and Aaron at The Beauty Shop Restaurant. I had a seriously great meal here tonight.