Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A Good Old-Fashioned Abby Ramble

OK kiddies! Time for a good old-fashioned Abby ramble. It's been a while. It's been so linear here lately... topic, topic, topic, so very NOT me, just to keep you all sated. Silly linearity. I really don't see the point.

So I just got back from an insane outing I should have probably not bothered with in the first place. You may recall that my parents just sold a house in which they had been living for 25 years, and you may further recall that I ended up with 20 boxes of stuff to go through. I've been slowly doing that... a box here, a box there. The other night, I thought that it would probably be a good idea to get the stuff broken into themes (Dad's childhood, singing, boys, etc.) and put it into scrapbooks so that it would be easier to appreciate. Plus, I'm sure the mildew, mold, and random poisonous spores on this stuff would be enough to start a small plague, so the less, the better.

So yeah. I decide I'm going to make a scrapbook, but I know that nowadays, the word "scrapbook" is a verb. As in, "What are you doing?" "I'm scrapbooking." In fact, at one of the internship sites where I interviewed, this was apparently a department-wide hobby, which honestly scared me quite a bit. I mean, I'm no more likely to scrapbook with School Psychologists than I am to play golf with lawyers. Hazing is for stupid frat boys, not professionals... just my opinion.

So anyway, I head off to Michaels Craft Supply and end up in an isle with millions and millions of scrapbooking options. Why can't there just be one option? Used to be that scrapbooks were just books with black pages. I just wanted that. I stood in the isle inspecting all my options for about half an hour as my pulse slowly quickened. I finally left empty-handed and extremely irritated. I just want a fuckin' scrapbook! A normal, everyday, black-paged, no themed-scrapbook! I don't want kitty stickers. I don't want special inserts. I don't want pages with "old-timey" backgrounds. The stuff I have to put in the scrapbook is really, really old already! I don't need pseudo-bullshit indicators to this fact. Who does this? Don't they have lives?

So I left, annoyed and determined to locate an anachronistic store that time forgot with what I consider to be normal scrapbook options. I got back on the road, amidst the Memphian traffic. I have driven in Atlanta. I have driven in New York. I have driven in Boston. And nowhere have I ever encountered such horrible drivers! TOTAL CRAP! Here are some tips for the Memphian driver:
  • Stay in the lines.
  • Indicate before turning or changing lanes.
  • Look before pulling out into traffic.
  • When the light is red, stop.
  • When the light is green, go!
Somehow these basic rules of the road have eluded the Memphian driver. It's the most inattentive bunch I've ever encountered! Seriously. It's world class.

And so I drive towards Wild Oats in hope of finding some yellow corn grits. You'd think those would be easier to find here, but they aren't. And while I drove, I listened to Crooked Rain by Pavement. What an amazing album. Last Friday, I was at Glass Onion in Cooper-Young, and it was playing, and I knew it so well. I realized that in the aftermath of replacing albums that moved out with Hamilton, I had neglected to replace Crooked Rain. It was like finding an old friend.

So I'm in Wild Oats, and they have all these Amy's frozen dinners on sale for $2 each! I was so excited. See, if you don't know, I love to cook, but this new schedule is really taking some adjustment. I'm also allergic to MSG, which precludes me eating most kinds of frozen dinners, but good old Amy's. Now I have a lovely stack of them in my fridge, including two new Indian ones I hadn't seen before: Mattar Paneer and Palak Paneer, two dishes I love anyway. Indian is my favorite food to cook (thanks, Sunitha), but I am so tired when I get home! I think I'm going to have to cook a little less so that I can continue to love it while I'm working this hectic schedule.

So speaking of hectic schedules, did I mention that this internship is seeming like it's going to completely rule?! I am so happy with the amount of freedom we have to enhance our training in the ways we think will be most meaningful to us. And my supervisors seem really supportive of that as well. One thing I know will happen here is that I will become even more of a big scary liberal. It seems that every day, I learn about another mental health, physical health, or educational system that has been cut due to insufficient federal funding. And then I see how much money is being spent on the way, and I get so angry. Cutting this funding is insane and frustrating as hell. Perhaps the scariest example I've encountered is that the Memphis City Schools does not have a teen pregnancy prevention program. It's just unreal to me.

So there's much more rambling possible, but I think I'll stop here. Topics I didn't cover were as follows:
  • How adorable my cats are
  • How I've been terrible about returning e-mail, calls, etc. and that it isn't personal... it's happening across the board
  • How much I miss Bloomingfoods
  • How I'm starting to work on my dissertation again
  • How the future - meaning after this year - is scary! I have no idea where I will live!
  • I'm thinking about having a party for the people in my program
But if I'd discussed those things, I tell ya... they'd be fascinating! I'm too tired now to make lots of nice links. Sorry. Maybe next time!