Tuesday, September 07, 2004

So how was your first day?

It was just exhausting! I can't even say why. Just tons and tons of information about lots and lots of people, agencies, buildings, and procedures. The downtown medical area here is really confusing. Lots of agencies in lots of buildings, moving all the time, and in each building are several different programs funded by multiple sources, and they are moving all the time. And in the middle of it all is a the massive 1,900-bed Baptist hospital, which was abandoned 5 years ago. It's where Elvis died. I think an abandoned hospital seems kinda creepy. That must be bad feng shui or something. If I believed in ghosts, I'd say they were in there. For the next week, it's presentations by all the consortium agencies, one after the other. We get these presentations to decide on minor rotations AND to learn where our fellow interns will be working. We need to have some context so we know what they are talking about in supervision. I don't know when I'll be less exhausted. It might get a little quieter here in the coming weeks. Hard to say at this point. Gotta be back there at 8am.

Oh, and I absolutely am living in the coolest place of anyone! Atleast I think so. Many of the other interns have a 20-45 minute commute. I'm right down the street, 10 minutes away. AND I'm in the groovy part of town. I'm not saying. I'm just saying.

Questions to ponder: When will I have time to see all the gigs I want to see? Will I have the energy to go out ever again?! Only time will tell.