Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I'm a Real Left Winger

Does anyone get the reference in the title? Anyone at all? Bueller... Bueller...

So that's a line from an old Pixies song. The Pixies broke up around 1990. Kim Deal and Black Francis just couldn't deal with each other anymore. She grabbed her twin sister and a Throwing Muse and created The Breeders. Black Francis switched his name inside-out and became Frank Black. They made some good albums. Now the Pixies have reunited, and I'm holding tickets to the Nashville gig tomorrow night. I'm very skeptical. I hope they don't suck.

Oh, and regarding work... They actually kept me very busy today at my minor. I'm very pleased about that. I don't do bored well. Tonight, I was going to relax and take a bath, but the loudest location for listening to rave boy's music is the bathroom, so I may just wait until the morning. Somehow a rushed shower in the morning with rave music isn't as bad as when I'm supposed to be relaxing. I love my options. They are so very... REASONABLE... or not!