Sunday, October 17, 2004

Jeep's Trials

So recently Maggie seems to have been getting fatter, and Jeepers seems to have been getting thinner and feeling a bit under the weather. As as result, I started really watching the girls when they eat, and Jeep has been eating very slowly. She picks up pieces of food with her paw and throws them on the floor, then after a lot of time has passed, it ends up with Jeep's blowl surrounded by wet tiny pieces of food. She's also been doing this thing where she opens her mouth when she's sitting around, like there's something in there. I assumed it was hairballs, since I now have hardwood floors instead of carpet, and keeping the hair collection in the corners of the rooms is a real challenge. When I fed her some of the hairball remedy from the tube a few nights ago, she ate it up in seconds flat, like she'd been starving.

Night before last I sat and guarded Jeep as she ate, protecting her from her Hungry Hungry Hippo of a sister. It just seemed she was having a lot of trouble. Aaron had the genius idea that perhaps Jeep had a toothache. Yesterday, we went and got her some wet food, and she gobbled it up lickety split. Now that she's had a few meals, she's back to her old self, although I can tell the tooth is still bothering her. Poor baby wasn't getting any food and was feeling weak and puny because of it. Reading cat behavior is tricky business. I think it's time for a trip to the vet.

Jeepers in a Sunbeam

Jeepers in a Sunbeam again