Friday, November 19, 2004

Bye Bye, Ma Bell!

Today I disconnected my land line and my BellSouth DSL Lite and turned on a Time-Warner cable modem. The connection is much faster than the DSL Lite. The land line has terrible reception, perhaps because the phone lines in my apartment are steel, something that hasn't been used since the beginning of the last century. I imagine getting that fixed would have been quite a pilaver. I was paying $37 for my basic phone service with no long distance and another $30-ish for the Internet connection. Now, I pay only $30 for the next three months and then it goes up to $40 or $45 or something like that. The land line was bugging me. I didn't need it anymore. I upped my cell minutes to 800 last week, so I should be OK. I'm very pleased to be done with BellSouth. I really resented the way they were charging me an all-inclusive price, so I couldn't pay less for fewer features. I just wanted a number people could call. There's no way that should cost $37. I'm not saying. I'm just saying.