Monday, November 15, 2004

Excited About My Birthday?

Excited About My Birthday? I am! Aaron is here and took me out for the most amazing meal on Saturday night. We went to Bari Ristorante, which is just down the block. It has the most amazing dinner menu... a REAL Italian menu, not the heavy, meaty pasta and cheese dishes of most Americanized Italian restaurants. It was amazing! Thanks, Aaron! Yesterday, we made this ginger cake I'd had at Green's Restaurant in San Francisco years ago, and DAMN, was it good. To a real foodie, there is nothing better than amazing food for a birthday. Here's a picture of me at dinner:

My parents splurged and got me a new digital camera and some accessories for my incessant shutterbuggery. My old one is great, but the battery cover broke, and the warranty wasn't covering it, and the velcro situation was REALLY starting to wear on me. The new one is COOL! Yay! I've already gotten calls from Rebecca in Philly and Michelle in Boston and Nanu and Poornima in Bloomington. Sunitha and Elizabeth posted the cutest picture of them holding a "Happy Birthday, Abby" sign on Tribe. My other Tribe friends have the cutest thread they started yesterday... "What's tomorrow? I know it's SOMETHING important. Yeah, I get that feeling, too... What's going on? Someone help me!" Even my stupid downstairs neighbor kept his music off last night. Thanks, insane man! I really appreciate it. That was the best present EVER! So far, so good. I like this 35 thing.