Monday, November 08, 2004

Gay Marriage Amendment? Are you kidding me?

He doesn't seem to understand that amendments are supposed to offer freedoms, not prevent them. My dog, the man is an idiot. The only amendment that prohibited a freedom didn't really fly. Look at all the amendments, then check out the only one that prohibited something. Hint: See #18 and #21.

Political capital, my ass. There's gonna be a fucking revolution! 48% of American voters is a LOT of people.

Can you tell I'm still a little annoyed about this election thing? I'll leave you with a quote from Adam's Dad, Andy, my very favorite backup Dad:
The Democrats' mistake was in thinking that a disastrous war, lack of jobs and health care, and national bankruptcy would be of concern to the electorate. The Republicans correctly saw that the chief concern of the electorate was to keep gay couples from haveing an abortion.