Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Republicans are Closet Pervs

Let's psychoanalyze the election for shits and giggles. My Dad sent me this e-mail this morning:
This election was lost on religious grounds:

* abortion is bad
* marriage is only for heterosexuals
* stem cell research is evil because it's messing with sex and babies or something like that

When it's all said and done, all three have to do with sex. All three "foundational" issues have to do with not messing with sexual things.

Actually, the last election was probably lost on similar grounds:

* Gore was with Clinton
* Clinton was sexual
* ergo, no Gore

So what's foundational about religion has to do with sex, and now what has become foundational in politics has to do with sex...


Sex is bad, but aggression is good.

I responded:
Republicans are closet pervs.
He responded:
You got it!

Freud, for all of his failings, had his finger on the pulse of the human psyche. It's a great pleasure for an aging, balding, psychoanalyst to have a daughter who immediately got the point of the missive.

It's easier to rationalize aggressive, power-driven motives than sexual ones....