Sunday, November 21, 2004

Work, Work, Work

Please forgive me. I'm going to whine a bit... I work ALL THE TIME! Feels like it, anyway. I work 3 days in the schools. I'm supposed to be in 3 schools, and I'm getting there, but I still have holdover from one school I won't be in anymore, so right now, it's still 4. And I'm doing a minor for one day a week somewhere else all together. And I'm doing a meeting once a week about the business of Psychology. And I've done training in Crisis intervention and ride-along with a cop for a night. And I worked a crisis in a high school week before last. And I'm job hunting in in a city I don't live in. And I'm trying to learn about how I get my bad self licensed. And I'm still writing my dissertation. And I'm learning some new learning theory I didn't really learn about in grad school. And, And, And. It's a lot. I know I can do it, but a lot of other stuff has fallen by the wayside. I'm actually doing ZERO singing right now, and I rarely get exercise (just the occasional yoga class), and I'm not cooking as I usually do, and those dishes... Don't even get me started on those! Learning to write good cover letter is hard. I got a book today that I think might help.

I'm really looking forward to the big Thanksgiving planned for this week. My parents, my boy, and loads of relatives and relative-type people are descending on Memphis, and we're going to play tourist. I like Memphis best that way.