Thursday, December 02, 2004

Blogger Bash

Tonight I was lucky enough to have joined in on the Blogger Bash at Cafe Francisco. Lots of local Memphis bloggers in attendance. Aaron joined me and was ridiculed enough by the other guests to actually post on his nearly dead blog!

Above are Mark and Brock

Me with my BLT (oddly, the price of tomatoes is so high that the T on my BLT cost an extra 75 cents!)

Here we have Peggy and Mick, who brought all of us party favors! I got a yo-yo!

Brock 'n' Mike (who is actually on a blogging hiatus at present)

Here's the host of this thing, Eric, who wore a Blogger sweatshirt so we could identify the group!

And here's me, plugging like it's Amway, or at least Quixtar!

I apologize for not sharing pictures of everyone. The one I have of Len looks kind of like the pictures of people in The Ring after they watch that video and hear the phone ring. Sadly, Rachel was a no-show. Maybe next time. Aaron was there, but he was holding the camera, and the only picture of him was in that same one with the Ring Len one! Phil was there, too, but the pictures of him turned out really blurry. Maybe I need to get over my fear of flash photography.

Folks, I'd say more, but it's been a helluva day of scoring assessments, dissertating, updating my CV, writing cover letters, and hanging out IRL with the blogfolk. It's midnight, and the alarm's going off at 6:30am... well, maybe 7am. I've gotta amscray to edbay. Witticisms will have to wait until tomorrow.