Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve

Here I am. Christmas Eve. I spent last night with Renee. Renee, her husband Reid, her baby Clara, my friend Tatyana, and her sig other Jim all went to breakfast. VERY yummy. Next I had a coffee with my ex, then I came over here to Caitlin's, and I've been making cookies for Santa with her Caitlin's daughter Sophie. In a little while, I'm driving to Jasper where my parents live for a Christmas Eve party, then tomorrow is the big day.

I said goodbye to Aaron last night after 6 fun-filled days in San Francisco with Tribe friends. I wish he could join me, but he's got his own family stuff in Florida. I feel bad that he has to scoot around so much. Once I hit Jasper, I'm mostly hanging around until it's time to fly back to Memphis. Lots of fun, this not working thing.

I've been getting messages in my inbox about May graduation, which makes me think that when I get back, it's dissertation time! Ugh!

No, must not think about that! Only fun and holidays and stuff.