Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Help me get a free iPod

It's marketing. It's annoying, but I know people are actually getting these (Wired magazine says so), so why not?! OK, I don't usually go in for these marketing thingies, but I want an iPod, and if I can get 5 referrals to sign up for marketing thingies, I get one. Yay! Free is my favorite price. I signed up for the 2-week free membership to Blockbuster online. The other stuff you can sign up for is credit cards, Columbia House-type stuff (I'd stay away from that one. They never leave you alone.), printer cartridges, stuff like that.

If I can get five of you to click here and sign up for their marketing ploys, then I can get my iPod and be happier. Happier is funner! If you think this is lame, please just move on! :P