Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hitchcockian Memphian & Radio

Today, when I was driving back home from a high school that's out East, I rounded a corner, and there was a huge number of black birds. I thought I might hit one! Turns out, it's another one of those Memphis things

Kinda like the fact that if I am not enjoying one radio station playing Christmas soul music, There are others likely to be playing that format, too! I am usually not a radio listener, but I like the music on the radio here, and the commercials are hilarious. Also, for some strange reason, Howard Stern is on here. I thought it would be too conservative for that. Here are some of the local offerings:

Radio Stations
  • 97.1 FM, WHRK - R&B, Hip Hop
  • 101.1 FM, KJMS - R&B, Tom Joyner
  • 103.5 FM, WRBO - Old School R&B
  • 107.1 FM, KXHT - Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel Sundays
  • 680 AM, WJCE - R&B, Gospel Sundays
  • 1070 AM, WDIA - Old School R&B, Blues, Talk, Gospel Sundays
  • 1240 AM, WAVN - Blues
  • 1340 AM, WLOK - Gospel