Monday, December 20, 2004

Live from SF!

I'm blogging to you live from a very spyware-infested computer in an Internet cafe in SF. We just said goodbye to Smoooochie with a fine breakfast at Boogaloo's. The next plan is to play tourist for a few hours. I had a wonderful time last night eatin' Indian in Berkeley then sharing a drink with many friends at Thieves back in SF proper. I love how my Tribe friends know my life better than the people I actually see on a regular basis... like they know the name of my loud neighbor and what I care about these days. They know what I'm doing. I know their stuff, too. It's a great feeling of community... one I don't really have in Memphis, because I haven't had the time to cultivate it at all.

I mostly thrilled to see Liz and Walter. Walter is one of my oldest friends, and I love seeing him IRL. It's always fun, never stressful. Lovely sane people with intelligent wit and keen observations on the world and the people in it. Not much to complain about. :D