Saturday, December 18, 2004

San Francisco!

Blogging to you live from San Francisco. This is such a silly town. It's like an entire town of Obies (that's Oberlin students). What is most lovely is the fact that when I turn on my PDA, there are generally about 5 networks to choose from. Now if I only had all the passwords. It's a wired town, and I'm a wired gal. I've just taken a really amusing photograph of the power strip I packed at the last minute (brilliant idea, BTW) with all of Aaron's and my gadgets. There are two cell phones, two PDA's, and a battery charger! We're heading over to Morning Due in a minute for coffee and free WiFi. As a 5-year Palm user, I'm pretty happy with my Pocket PC. Only drawback is its nonrelationship with GMail. It's a hassle. Also, the browser tends to close when I open Blogger, so I'm on Aaron's Mac. I realized the coolest thing this morning. I forgot to download a Berkeley map when I got my SF map from Mapopolis, but I was able to log on directly from my PDA and download it right to my device. I love that! This is the freakin' life. Here, people speak Internet. It's a nice break from the luddites in the city schools. Love 'em, but I don't understand their technophobia. It's beyond me. OK, gotta go have some experiences so y'all'll have something to read later!

(BTW, Mark... wasn't Bari divine?!!)