Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Things and Stuff

I need a few days to nap, to blog, to read, to relax. Not much sleep this week. Up late working on cover letters, reports, etc. Last night I woke up thinking I was terribly ill. Turns out the radiator went crazy, and I was slowly being steamed like a mussel. I got up, and after a failed attempt at getting the radiator off, I opened all the windows in the apartment that open (that's exactly TWO windows), turned on the fan and AC in my room and Tribed until it was bearable to go back in.

The primary school I'm working in is Cordova High. Luckily, the mother I tried to get to meet me there today said she wasn't feeling well and would rather meet tomorrow. If I'd been there, I would have been in the Guidance Office, one of the three locations of today's brawl! Yes, I said brawl. I also heard that at another school where I work, a student was stabbed in the mouth today, and other students tried to poison the librarian. The librarian is really sweet. I don't know who'd poison her. I mean, COME ON!

Luckily, even though these are two of the schools I'm in, I wasn't there for the action today. Although there was some pretty heavy action last time I was in the librarian-poisoning school. Some kid ran into the library, bleeding, and fleeing from the on-site police officer. When I got there, I walked in behind another officer. When I got into the library, the librarian (the one who was poisoned when someone switched her water for bleach today) told me what had happened.

Never a dull moment! I tell you what!