Friday, January 21, 2005

Anti-War *IS* Pro-Troops

To me, there's nothing more pro-troops than being against the war. I hate to think of all these fairly young Americans over in a place we shouldn't be, experiencing all this trauma for no good reason. I really hate it. I'm a sap. That Queer Eye last week with the soldier about to be shipped over to Iraq just broke my heart. Here he is, totally in love with his wife, with a new child, and he's got to go risk it all because W has this need to avenge his father. Unbelievable. I just saw this. I have some G-mail invites. I'm going to share. At the very least, the poor kids over there should have contact with their friends and family. I know they can't really talk about the details of what's going on, but they can at least keep communication with people, so they don't have to feel all alone and isolated in the middle of the desert with noone there to show they care besides other people going through the same wretched thing. How can their psyches not fall apart? G-mail is a little thing. It might make a little difference, so I'm doing it.
Update: They don't need any more donations, which is good. It means people have been generous. Maybe go here instead.