Saturday, January 29, 2005

Blog So I'll Read It / Ice Cream Update

I completely agree with this woman about how best to write killer blog posts. Especially the part about white space and keeping the posts short. I know there are days when one must ramble, but don't expect anyone but your closest friends to read those long posts. Even your closest friends won't read those if they are having a busy day. I'm just saying.

Another thought I'd like to add is that it's important not to blog too often. More than 2-3 blog posts on a single blog in a day, and I shift into super-skim mode. Give your posts a little time to sink in before you start adding more.


Ice cream adventure update: Tonight Aaron and I made Baci Ice Cream (as in chocolate hazelnut ice cream), and it wasn't nearly as good as the Cheesecake Ice Cream of last weekend. A whole bottle of Nutella and a candy bar and a half of 70% cocoa chocolate, and it just wasn't that good. Go figure!