Monday, January 24, 2005

Interesting Local Blog Readings for the Day Followed By a Mini-Rant

Here is an analysis of how not to be naive in Memphis (Abby says, "Be a liberal, just don't be an idiot."), and here is a sweet tribute to Johnny Carson. And for fun, here is the stupidest news story EVER about a local idiot, and here is a local blogger's analysis of that.

My parenthetical advice reminds me of a story. My friend Tyrone was supposed to be picked up in Boston by one of my ex's relatives. I get this call from Tyrone because the relative is really late. I answer the phone, and Tyrone wants to know if I've told the relative that he is black. I laughed my ass off. Of COURSE I told him that. Apparently, "good liberal" friends of Tyrone's think that somehow it's really respectful to not mention his skin color. What the hell?! If you ask me, being "colorblind" is about as stupid as it gets. "I don't see color" is bullshit, and it's misguided. What's more disrespectful than pretending not to see some very basic qualities of a person? Qualities that might relate to their worldview and their experience? I have to go to work now, so I'm not going to start my rant on the topic, but I assure you, the kids in my Muticulturalism class sure got an earful every semester. This liberal don't play that stupid game. Puh-leeeze!