Sunday, January 30, 2005

On the Road Again

The boy drives 3+ hours round-trip from Nashville to see me almost every single week. I've had the idea for this gift for a while, but I only just acted on it yesterday. I did a little research and found this, which is a nearly-perfect example of the gift I hoped to give. I'm starting with the 15-day freebie, then if it all goes to plan, I'll sign up for real. This guy seems to like it. I wish someone would work out that the real improvement over all of this would be the ability to download these things online as MP3s, although then I would hope for more than 2 at a time. That's probably a violation of something or another, and they'd probably make you buy the things then. Maybe MP3s that stopped working after a certain period of time? There are a few MP3s on the site, but they are no better than the ones you can get here. Anyway, the boy has now filled his "bookshelf," and the first two are on the way.