Saturday, January 22, 2005

Pass the Barf Bag, Mr. President

OMG! OK *this* is about the scariest thing I've ever seen:

Make it stop!

Seriously. I always say that the thing that represents evil most to me is Applebee's. Why? Because it, to me, represents the destruction of culture as we know it, the acceptance of mediocrity and tasteless, overprocessed, chemically-enhanced pseudo-foods. Deeming the food at a place like Applebee's acceptable is to swear off what matters in this world. I know that seems harsh, but I am completely serious. It all relates to my MSG allergy. I have gotten really sick at these kinds of places: the kinds of places that have so many locations that they have to rely on precooked, frozen ingredients, laden with chemicals that give me migraines and make me puke. And this is our culture? This is what we have to offer to the world as "American"? This is what we have to offer to our children? Is there any wonder that obesity in childen has grown (no pun intended) to epic and epidemic proportions?

And now this evil food trend is in the White House? My stars. Would the Dems have done this? It's reprehensible? It's lacking in style and grace and everything that matters. I am one seriously offended foodie.

Is it going to get any better? What or who will turn this all around?

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Update 1:22pm, same day: It was a joke! But oh so scarily real. I fell for it, and it was easy to fall for. In my world, the unfathomable is, sadly, often real. I still stand by my rant, but I guess the world hasn't gone quite as far to hell in a handbasket as I'd thought... at least not in this arena!