Sunday, January 09, 2005

Rules, Deadlines, Announcements, Forms, Criteria, Guidelines

Ph.D. degrees in the School of Education are conferred by the University Graduate School. Submission of the completed dissertation and abstract to the University Graduate School as described under Submission of the Dissertation constitutes an application for conferral of the Ph.D. degree. The school district proposes to initiate or change areas checked below and/or Refuses to initiate or change areas checked below. Actions were proposed in the following areas: Identification/ Eligibility, Evaluation/ Re-Evaluation. Description of the action proposed or refused by the school system. The dissertation in its final form and the abstract must be submitted to the University Graduate School at least 30 days before the expected date of degree conferral. She was seen for psycho-educational evaluation on 10/3/2004 at Memphis High School. She appeared to understand the evaluation process. She communicated with the examiner appropriately within the context of the evaluation. The reference in M.G.L. c. 112, ยง 119(c) to "under the supervision of or in collaboration with a licensed psychologist, or one clearly eligible for licensure" shall not be met unless the applicant has been engaged in a formal relationship with the supervisor or collaborator which provided frequent and regularly scheduled individual or group contacts with the supervisor or collaborator. She was cooperative and her work efforts were good. She used her right hand to complete all paper and pencil tasks. She attended to instructions and attempted all tasks presented. No overt signs of frustration and/or anxiety were observed during the evaluation. These test results are considered to be a valid and reliable estimate of her current level of intellectual and academic functioning. Please note the following: The 30-day announcement deadline prior to the dissertation defense and the 30-day deadline prior to degree conferral are non-overlapping time periods, Research committees frequently require revisions and corrections after the dissertation defense. These revisions must be made before the dissertation is ready for binding and submission to the University Graduate School.
Just thought I'd share a little montage of my world. If you're still awake, then you get your Ph.D.! Congratulations!