Monday, January 24, 2005

A Series of Random Thoughts From Me To You

A series of thoughts/content running through my mind today...
  • Tonight, at the end of my yoga class, my yoga teacher said, "Yay Yoga!" after the "Namaste." How much fun is that?!

  • The new Iron Chef America is highly enjoyable, and I will be watching it regularly. Alton Brown is a perfect host for the show, and the "chairman" does a great over-the-top job. The irons chefs are good choices, too. I read a review of it before I saw it on another blog, and I agree with that person's opinion 100%.

  • Some people do really incredible things with Lego's.

  • Case in point: Escher's Relativity

  • After being inspired by this post on my favorite foodie blog, I decided to purchase a fondue pot. I did tons of research and obsessing and got a great deal on this one. I can't wait 'til it arrives. For a person with lactose-intolerance, I certainly put away the dairy (and leave little lactaid packets all over the place!).

  • Speaking of dairy, Aaron and I made the most amazing ice cream from scratch/by hand on Saturday night. It was Cheesecake Ice Cream from a recipe in Forever Summer by Nigella Lawson. It was seriously yummy. We put it in my new frosted ice cream sundae glasses and covered it with crushed Hob Nobs. YUM!!! I took some lovely pictures, but I'm having trouble transferring files from my camera right now. Given the high volume of pix I take, the repair should be happening very soon. But that ice cream. Oh... my... GOD!! So good.

  • You can now see what I'm listening to on my iTunes, when I'm actually listening to my iTunes. That may or may not be fun for you.

  • Oh, and my complete dissertation is due in less than a month. No big whoop.