Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Smoooochie's Poem

So speaking of overblogging tonight, my dear friend Smoooochie wrote this and dedicated it to her Tribe friends (as in, a fine bunch of HEAVY Internet users). You might see a little of yourself in it:
wired version 4.0

One addiction. Really that’s it. O.K. soooo, really it’s at least three or maybe just two. I admit it. Three right now.

(password …is it this one?)

I’m an addict disguised as a geek. A hardcore internet addict with a constant need for continuous connection. Did I mention the caffeine issue?

(yesssss, send me the link)

How much RAM do you have? Does your cell have T9? These are qualifiers, Bub. If you have less than 20 gig on that thing then get to steppin’.


You know, five hours of sleep is just not enough. Fuck. I know this, but I was blogging.

(Google.. Image …Monkey …)

Yeah, my DSL was down last night so I went over to Starfuckingfucks

(venti americano with wifi, please)

Are you LAUGHING? You think this itch is funny? Put down that cigarette before you burn yourself and listen to meeeee. It’s not funny, this info junkie feenin’ for another, a little connectivity and caffeination, fix. Hold on. I gotta text message.

(hmmm …I’m loved)

I have a list of needs: an iPod, a pocket PC, a Bluetooth adapter and headset. This is serious. Did you SEE that new PDA?


Dial up? Should I sneer or simply walk away? I don’t have time for that. Veruca needs it NOW, dammit! Did you just say I should “log off?” Is the implication here that I should “unplug.” This ain’t the motherfuckinG Matrix.

(Was that my phone?)

You don’t even speak the language so have another drink and hear what I’m saying. Modern day addiction to wires, wireless, techie talk and in-for-ma-tion. Junkie to a junkie, I’m just sayin’.
Speaking of... I need to sleep.