Friday, January 07, 2005

Tsunamis and Squirrels

Regarding my query about the restaurant Tsunami in Memphis, it seems that they are holding a benefit this Sunday for $50 a head, and all the profits are going to tsunami relief. I guess they haven't folded.

Today, Aaron and I watched a special about tsunamis made before the recent tsunami. He and I both admitted that previously, neither of us had associated tsunamis with underwater earthquakes. I thought of them more as mythical large waves people liked to paint.

I'm working hard on a very long to-do list. The out-of-towners are gone, and so the weekend is going to mean doing lots of work. I feel like today is really my January first. I'm going to try to lose a little of the weight I gained over the holidays, and really get this dissertation FINISHED! I'm feeling a little motivated. I hope it lasts.

Maggie meets the squirrel that's living under her floor IRL

On another note, I have determined that the noise underneath my floor is, in fact, the same squirrel that hangs around the window and harrasses Maggie. I'm not really sure what to do about it, but man, it sounds freaky. Jeep was just in here attacking her own reflection on the wood floor. I imagine she thought it was what was making that scurrying noise.