Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bash Debriefing

I'm so glad Mike did that thing where he mentions everyone who went to the Blogger Bash, and he links to their blog, because I was way too tired last night! We had a really fun time meeting everyone. I was so glad Rachel showed up this time, and that E.J. made an appearance. It was tons of fun talking with them both down at our end of the table. (Sorry we didn't make it out to the gig at the Hightone. Alas, getting up at 6am every weekday totally screw up my ability to stay out very late on weekends. Maybe once the dissertation is defended, I'll have the energy. It isn't too far off!)

So now we're up and are headed out to try the new Blue Plate Cafe downtown. Then it's more dissertating as always. Ugh!