Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I am so busted, especially since I just read Frisbee Girl's blog entry about me in the coffee shop, where I am supposed to be working. And so once this is posted, no more blogsurfing on Bloglines or Tribing or even checking Gmail. NO MORE! Once I hit send, it's all virtuous studying.
Abby in a continued streak of quiz brilliance and inspired display of avoidance behavior, got both Liz and Mynx on the bandwagon. As I spent the better part of the weekend at 12 Galaxies - in one capacity or another - and didn't make it to bed until 6:30 in the morning, the better part of the day was spent in horizontal recovery.

With the laptop.

You guessed it: doing quizzes.

Abby, sunshine, I swear this is it. I'm putting my foot down. You and I are parting quiz paths now. I just can't take much more.

That said, the quizzes were cute, not especially insightful, but could not have been more consistent. Especially after being outed as an Anarchistic People's Advocate last week.