Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Climate of Fear in Midtown

I just woke up to Mike's blog post about the recent events in Midtown. It reminded me that my response to these events have not been reasoned or critical. They have been purely emotional. I don't expect anything less given where I live, but it's important to remember. I posted a comment on his blog, and here's what I said:
Because I'm so close to the park, my response to these events has been all emotion. I haven't had the calm disposition to be my usual critical self, so I'm glad you posted this. It's important for me to keep perspective.

The reports have basically played into my fears. There is a very tall man "on the loose" in my neighborhood whom a police officer couldn't even catch. A white woman (of which I am one) was found dead across the street. Everyone else is freaking, too. These reports together are enough to keep me scared. No, I haven't thought of getting a gun, but I have thought there must be some cheap way to put an alarm on the back door or at least one of those fake security stickers.

I'm still not going for a late-night walk in the park! Not that I would have anyway.


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