Thursday, February 03, 2005

Does Anyone Else See the Link Here?

Oh OK. I get it. So we want schools to be safe, so we are going to stop paddling students in school? Wait... these stories aren't related? Weird! I wonder why not?! The connection seems so very logical to me. Silly me... all that logic. I don't know what I was thinking!

Both of these reports are from WREG, a local news station:
Memphis Police Launch Youth Crime Watch

(Memphis, TN, February 3, 2005) - The Memphis Police Department Juvenile Violence Abatement Project (JVAP), along with the Afro-American Police Association, announces the launch of the “Youth Crime Watch” pilot initiative, at 12:30 PM today at Mitchell High School, 658 West Mitchell Road.

The Youth Crime Watch initiative will focus on establishing and maintaining safe, secure environments for our youth in their schools, with the students taking an active role...


Memphis City School Leaders Look at Alternative Discipline

(Memphis, TN, February 3, 2005) - Memphis City School leaders work to move away from paddling students, but they are asking community leaders and parents for help in coming up with new forms of discipline...