Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dysfunctional Television

OK, I went and watched my TV so I can be all hip to the pop culture and what-not. First, I watched American Idol and paid very close attention. Then, as is typical, I wandered in here to the computer to make sure I wasn't missing anything good. (Wait. Wasn't I going to do some form of exercise tonight? Oh well.) I now have the Amazing Race on in the next room, and I haven't been paying any attention at all, but one commercial caught my attention. Because I have TiVo, I usually never see commercials. Me wandering in here was FATE, I tell you. KISMET! SERENDIPITY! It seems the very dysfunctional Victoria and Jonathan, who were eliminated a couple of weeks ago, are going to be on Dr. Phil's show! WTF?! I love TV. It's so ridiculous. Here's what I found:
It was announced tonight on an ad aired during The Amazing Race that couple Victoria Baker and Jonathan Fuller, recently eliminated from the current edition, will be appearing on the upcoming Dr. Phil special that CBS is airing opposite the Super Bowl.
I'm so watching. Metaphorical train wrecks can be fun.