Wednesday, February 09, 2005

February Sucks

I've always thought February was the worst month. The weather generally sucks. The only celebration that's going on is Valentine's Day, which seems to do much more to depress people than to make them happy.

People in relationships feel pressured to have this unforgettable time together, and it's hard to arrange that, especially since you're competing with everyone else for the good restuarants! And you're supposed to have strawberries dipped in chocolate. What?! Strawberries are completely out of season in February. What are people thinking with that?

People NOT in relationships of course feel that their lives are miserable and without meaning because they aren't in a relationship. It leads to feeling unloved and useless and over the hill, which usually isn't at all true.

So the weather blows, the main holiday blows. There's no sunshine. It's usually rainy or snowy and grey. Then in terms of the school calendar, you're about as far from a break as is possible. It's when things tend to go south behavior-wise. I don't know why exactly, but I see it every year in the kids I work with.

I wondered if other hated this month as much as me. It seems that they absolutely and positively do!!!