Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Foodies! Take Notice!

Jamie Oliver is right: Nigel Slater is a genius. His recipes are infinitely doable, tasty, and his writing borders on the erotic. He demands that all of his food photography is in no way prettified. He's all about the taste and the sensuality of food. He likes the crunchy, chewy bits that stick to the pan. I highly recommend you rush out to the bookstore right this very second and buy both Toast and Appetite (at least do that search-inside-the-book thing... read a few pages... you won't be sorry).

Want some amazing recipes? Some kind soul has done something I have attempted to do on my own computer, but they have done a much better than I would have done. An excerpt, just in case you still aren't paying attention:
Real cocoa is a bit like great sex. Once you get used to it, nothing else quite rings your bell. Once you have sipped a cup of real velvet-textured hot chocolate, there's no going back. Made with squares of dark, slightly bitter chocolate, melted slowly over hot water then whisked with full-cream milk (none of your cocoa powder and sterilised semi-skimmed here, thank you), no cup of average cocoa will ever taste quite the same... I have never really thought that much of drinking chocolate. Sweet, bland, thin. A Cadbury's flake of a drink. Rather than conjuring up Juliette Binoche or Johnny Depp smouldering over a cup of chocolat at a tiny café table, it has always smacked of chequered slippers and the phrase, 'I'm going up to bed now, dear.'