Thursday, February 03, 2005

Gotta Question For the Memphis Bloggers

Anyone know why there are many vehicles and many floodlights/spotlights in the Park tonight, on the? I can't tell if it's a movie set or a crime scene. Seriously. I keep looking. There is a trailer looking vehicle, and a white van that I don't think is an ambulance. OK, it just moved. It is an ambulance that left without sirens or lights. One car is definitely a police car. There were lights moving all around in the forest, too. Then there are several cars moving slowly with lights on. There's tape up, too. The lights just shined on it. I think it might be a crime scene. I'm taking pictures!

Here you can see the large trailer with the bright lights and the car shining its lights across the golf course

Some of the cars are leaving
Update: OK, it's now 6:44am the next morning, and the news truck just pulled away being there for a little while. There is still a police car there, and the crime scene tape is more visible. I never watch the news, but I guess I'll turn it on today.

The scene this morning. The crime scene tape is clearly visible.